Enermo Technology: Next-gen predictive maintenance solutions

Next generation of predictive maintenance solutions
Enermo Condition Monitoring (ECM) is a platform that uses electrical signature analysis to predict faults in Induction motors and related machinery at the very early stages of failure.

Live Monitoring

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What makes us different

Non-invasive and non-disruptive to operation
Accurate Prediction
Accurate Prediction
Accurate prediction unaffected by external noise
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Centralized installation and modular plug-and-play devices.


Optimal Use of time
Optimal Use of time
Real-time notification upon failure detection
Simple Installation
Simple Installation
Done centrally by a resident engineer
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Analysis power by Machine Learning
Early Detection
Early Detection
Adress both mechanical and electrical failures


Zero unplanned downtime
Zero unplanned downtime and optimize operations
Cut repair and maintenance costs
Cut repair and maintenance costs by up to 40%
Reduce Carbon footprint
Reduce Carbon footprint through lower energy consumption and redundant change of spare parts

How It Works

The Electrocardiogram (ECG) measures electrical pulses of the heart and is used by doctors to detect various cardiac conditions

  • Normal
  • Subendocardial Ischemia
    Subendocardial Ischemia
  • Acute Subendocardial Ischemia
    Acute Subendocardial Ischemia
  • Transmural Ischemia
    Transmural Ischemia

The Enermo ECM, is the ECG of machines.It monitors, controls and detects the electrical signatures of machines and translates these into early warning signals to adress and prevent machine failures.

Enermo ECM

Typical Component Failures Detected

Our Product

  • Modular Plug & Play Hardware
    3 x Current Transformers per Machinery
  • Modular Plug & Play Hardware
    1 x Enermo Meter per Machinery
  • Modular Plug & Play Hardware
    1 x Gateway per vessel
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Online monitoring and predictive analytics for machinery faults and trends

Installation Process

  • Installation 1
    Installation questionnaire
  • Installation 2
    Electrical Engineer install meter cabinet
  • Installation 3
    Current transformers clicked around power lines
  • Installation 4
    Wire-up meter to a gateway and connect with power
  • Installation 5
    Connect gateway with static IP to internet fx. Vsat

Our Customers


About Enermo Technology

Enermo Technology is a fast-growing startup that aspires to digitally transform multiple industries with our proprietary platform on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Combining our decades of experience in the Maritime world with Machine Learning, we offer practical solutions to enable competitive advantage for our end users.

In 2019, Enermo Technology stood out from hundreds of companies and was selected to be in the first cohort for the Global Maritime Accelerator programme launched by Eastern Pacific Shipping and US-based Techstars.


We are based in Singapore with office in Denmark and sales activities around the globe.


Enermo is founded by competent management team with more than 20 years of experiencein creating solution for the marine industry

Inder Mukhopadhyay

Inder Mukhopadhyay

Co-Founder, CTO

Founded a succesful maritime analytics company bringing +10 years of experience from operating and maintaining heavy assets

Founder & VP Technical at Tres Solutions
Project Manager at Maersk Maritime Technology
Project Engineer at Maersk Group
Project Engineer at Gulf Stolt Ship Management.

Jacob Wiegand Clausen

Jacob Wiegand Clausen

Co-Founder, CEO

+10 years of know-how and experience from developing and implementing digital solutions in the maritime industry

VP Operation at Tres Solutions
Head of Advisory at Marorka
Innovation Manager at Maersk Group
Product & Sales Manager at Force Technology.


Year of experience
Creating solutions

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